Bunny Boarders Pet Care

Bunny Boarders Pet Care

Terms and conditions

Full payment is required upon arrival.

A deposit is required to secure a place this is non refundable if the booking is cancelled, full payment is made on arrival day.

All animals are in good health on arrival unless previously advised.

All rabbits are up to date with Myxomatosis and VHD vaccinations.

Bunny Boarders Pet Care does not take any responsibility for: Flystrike/ Myxomatosis or VHD.

You understand that in an emergency your animal may need vetenary care and you agree to pay any outstanding bills on collection day.

You understand that Victoria Steggles/Bunny Boarders is not responsible for any illness or death whilst in our care.

You understand that if you fail to collect your animal without notification of the agreed time and date, after 72 hours the animal could be put up for adoption.

You understand that it is your responsibility to update your animals injections and that Bunny Boarders Pet Care/Victoria Steggles will not be held responsible should any animal contract any illness during their time at Bunny Boarders Pet Care.

I Victoria Steggles assures you that your animal/s will not at any time be in any contact with any other animals at Bunny Boarders Pet Care.

I Victoria Steggles assures you that all hutches, bowls, drinking vessels will be disinfected after each animals stay.

You must complete and sign a collection form when your animal leaves.