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 Daisy enjoying the sunshine.

 Let me out!!

 Schoko preparing for another run around.

Digby jumping away from me. 

Enjoying being out.


Brownie, Gingersnap and Floppy

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Monday, July 16, 2012 In : small animal boarding 
Brownie and Gingersnap managed to get out in the run despite this rubbish weather. They are very funny and speak to me all the time, asking for their fresh veggies!! They really enjoyed being on the grass and it's very long so got lots of fresh grass to eat.

Floppy has been out for quite a few cuddles and is getting used to us. Tonight he is coming for a run around the playroom to see how he gets on. Too wet outside.. He is mad for carrots and quite likes pepper too.

Last week we had Harlequin ...
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Bunny Boarders Pet Care news and updates.

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Monday, July 2, 2012
Today its raining so we might have to wait for a little run outside!

Dylan is happy and having carrot and on his way home soon. We will miss him..

Pippi and Moth are scurrying around as usual, had cuddles and some breakfast, hopefully get out in the run later.....

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