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 Daisy enjoying the sunshine.

 Let me out!!

 Schoko preparing for another run around.

Digby jumping away from me. 

Enjoying being out.


Latest from BBPC, including a Bearded Dragon!

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Saturday, October 27, 2012
Hi all, just a quick update, haven't done one for a while!

We have quite a few visitors with us at the moment. Some lovely bunnies that have stayed with us quite a few times before. 
Floppy and Lucky have just left for home, but are back next weekend, Izzy and Dusty went home on Monday and with them we had a wonderful new visitor, Mr Fluffy the bearded dragon!! He was fantastic and we really enjoyed having him to stay.
We have Dylan back just for a brief visit, and the lovely cuddly Peanut, who ...
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Oscar Wilde and Casey and Georgia

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Wednesday, September 12, 2012
We now are a bit quieter, we have Oscar and Wilde long haired Guinea Pigs, very funny and great coats. Georgia and Casey our very lovely big rabbits are also with us for a few weeks.

They have all been out most days and today had a good long run around. The bunnies were jumping and running through the tunnel. The guinea's just munched on the lovely long (bit too long) grass.

We have some more bunnies arriving tomorrow for a few days.

Catch up soon.xx

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Many Guineas....

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Thursday, August 30, 2012
Well, we have had a really busy time with most of the rabbits going and lots of Guineas coming in their place. We have so many Guinea's and 3 ginger ones!!
They are all really well and having lots of runs outside eating the grass. They are all so chatty and squeak away to me when I go in to feed or just for a visit.
We also have the 2 most beautiful bunnies, Izzy and Dusty, a little black and a grey bunny. They are adorable and stick their noses out of the cage for a little rub whenever I go to...
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New arrivals - sad goodbyes.

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Sunday, August 19, 2012
Have had a very busy week with guests coming and going and lots more about to arrive.
Floppy and Lucky went home and came again for the weekend. Off home again today.
Ben and Cleo went home and Gingersnap and Brownie, will miss them all terribly, Gingersnap and Brownie used to chat to me so much every morning when I brought them breakfast.
We also said goodbye to Digby, luckily he will be back in September. And also to Biscuit who had a good run around the playroom indoors.
We have had so many Gu...
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All happy....

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Wednesday, August 8, 2012
Today was a good day. Weather managed to hold so everyone got out for a good run and jump and chew of the tunnel.
Peanut is just adorable, really loves a cuddle and enjoys being in the run. Eating well and seems content.
Shoko is relaxing more, happy to have time out, but not so happy for a cuddle. 
Ben and Cleo are always happy to get out and try to sneak out when you bring food or just for a hello. Luckily their friend and my great helper Bella was on hand today for lots of attention.
Digby got...
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Floppy and Lucky

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Sunday, August 5, 2012
Floppy and Lucky managed to get out today and most days. They are such good fun, running around their space with their ball. Jumping as much as they can. Lots of cuddles today. Eating really well and enjoying their fresh food in the mornings.

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Lots of guests.

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Sunday, August 5, 2012
We are now full and have lots of lovely guests.
Everyone is happily settling into their holiday homes and getting as much exercise as this rubbish weather allows. I am almost tempted to put the run into the garage!! Have put the cover onto it so we can get out for a little while in between the down pours.
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Posted by Vicky Steggles on Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Floppy had a good run around the playroom and enjoyed finding out what was in the room and the hallway! He didn't want to go back to his cage tho! He came out again later for another run around and cuddle.

Brownie and Gingersnap, got another good run outside before the next lot of rain!! Today is very wet so not sure if we will get out..


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Brownie, Gingersnap and Floppy

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Monday, July 16, 2012 In : small animal boarding 
Brownie and Gingersnap managed to get out in the run despite this rubbish weather. They are very funny and speak to me all the time, asking for their fresh veggies!! They really enjoyed being on the grass and it's very long so got lots of fresh grass to eat.

Floppy has been out for quite a few cuddles and is getting used to us. Tonight he is coming for a run around the playroom to see how he gets on. Too wet outside.. He is mad for carrots and quite likes pepper too.

Last week we had Harlequin ...
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Bunny Boarders Pet Care news and updates.

Posted by Vicky Steggles on Monday, July 2, 2012
Today its raining so we might have to wait for a little run outside!

Dylan is happy and having carrot and on his way home soon. We will miss him..

Pippi and Moth are scurrying around as usual, had cuddles and some breakfast, hopefully get out in the run later.....

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