Have had a very busy week with guests coming and going and lots more about to arrive.
Floppy and Lucky went home and came again for the weekend. Off home again today.
Ben and Cleo went home and Gingersnap and Brownie, will miss them all terribly, Gingersnap and Brownie used to chat to me so much every morning when I brought them breakfast.
We also said goodbye to Digby, luckily he will be back in September. And also to Biscuit who had a good run around the playroom indoors.
We have had so many Guinea Pigs arriving this week. We have Winnie and Delila, who are so very sweet and seem to be settling well. Then we have Jaffa Cake, Cocoa and Ginger who are also settling in and enjoying a run outside at the moment. They keep running into the tunnel when I go out.
We also have Salt and Pepper who are so beautiful and so much fun. Sadly they are off later today too!! 
We have 2 new very young bunnies, so gorgeous Izzy and Dusty, they are the most lovely colour.
We have Ginger and Coconut two Guineas also very sweet and have started to chat to me in the morning. They have all had a good run out today, and then they all seem to lie down for a rest as it's so warm, luckily very cool in the boarding house. We also have little Trigger the Hamster staying with us who is sooooo sweet and gradually coming out of his house at night for a run around. 
Simon and Fluffball are still enjoying their stay and have now dug about 4 holes in the garden, so have to keep moving the run, they are desperate to escape!! Schoko is going home today too, been very lazy the last few days chilling in the heat.
And lastly our most cuddly bunny Peanut, she is going home today and we will all miss her so much, everyday she has the most lovely cuddle and snuggles in. She stamps her foot if I don't give her breakfast first and get her out for a cuddle.
I will miss her a lot and hope she comes back soon.
More lovely guests arriving next week so will update how everyone is and how new guests are settling in.

Bye for now. BB.xx