Well, we have had a really busy time with most of the rabbits going and lots of Guineas coming in their place. We have so many Guinea's and 3 ginger ones!!
They are all really well and having lots of runs outside eating the grass. They are all so chatty and squeak away to me when I go in to feed or just for a visit.
We also have the 2 most beautiful bunnies, Izzy and Dusty, a little black and a grey bunny. They are adorable and stick their noses out of the cage for a little rub whenever I go to see them.
We also have little Trigger the hamster who keeps us entertained with his acrobatics up and down the bars of the cage. He also goes for a long run around the house in his ball, very sweet.
We had a mass in and out of the run this morning, weather threatening but it held off.
So all are well and not long and they will be off again too. See to the left lots of lovely pics of our very special guests. I'm sure I have most of them up but some of them look very similar!!
Back soon with another update.xx