Today was a good day. Weather managed to hold so everyone got out for a good run and jump and chew of the tunnel.
Peanut is just adorable, really loves a cuddle and enjoys being in the run. Eating well and seems content.
Shoko is relaxing more, happy to have time out, but not so happy for a cuddle. 
Ben and Cleo are always happy to get out and try to sneak out when you bring food or just for a hello. Luckily their friend and my great helper Bella was on hand today for lots of attention.
Digby got out again, seems to be getting used to me and not so cross when I get him out. Let us brush him today too.
Simon and Fluffball are mad as ever running around jumping and playing. Very excitable and crazy in the run.
Floppy and Lucky also completely bonkers jumping around and throwing their ball. Scooting in and out of the tunnel like crazy.
And Biscuit who doesn't go outside but is up and down in her cage and some cuddles today.
All very happy and eating well. We say goodbye to Biscuit tomorrow and get ready for more arrivals on Friday..
Bye for now..x